Error Cannot find dispatch method for {} while invoking the webservice


I need to call an external webservice, I created a consumer and all, but when I try runing the connector created, I get this Errror :
Cannot find dispatch method for {}.

The webservice is working fine with soapUI.

Please, can you help me with this?any ideas?

The WSDL of the webservice is in attachement.

WSDL.txt (1.99 KB)

I realise this post is old but for anyone running into this issue - I just did - here’s a way to solve the problem.

This problem happened to me in a similar scenario: when trying to consume a SOAP web service by calling an operation that had no input (i.e., the request has no parameters). When calling the service, I got a “Cannot find dispatch method for {}” error.

This occurs because Integration Server (including 9.x) doesn’t send the request properly when you invoke the web service connector without specifying any parameters. In our case, even though there’s no parameter to send on the request, Integration Server still requires you to assign a value to the document that represents the request itself.

Now the question is: how do you to set a value to a request that has no parameters?

There is an answer to this question. Follow these steps:
1.In your flow, go to the step that invokes the web service
2. In the Pipeline view, find the Service In column that corresponds to your web service.
3. Select the context menu (right click in Windows) for the first field in that column, whose name will most likely start with “tns:”
3. Select “Set Value…” from the context menu. In the dialog box, simply click OK without setting any values (there’s no value to set!).
4. You will notice a symbol of (x) next to your field indicating the field has been assigned a value.
5. Save the changes to the flow
6. Now when you run the flow service, Integration Server will create the right request