Error by adding new required attributes to asset type "Software"


I’m trying to add 2 new required attributes to asset type “Software” in Centrasite 8.2, it does not finish the actions and give back an errors.

  1. Attribute “single\multi value”- “string”-“enumeration”- error that I receive:
    " …Server extension failed , INOSXE7114: Java error: Errtext: ‘javax.xml.registry.JAXRException: At least one instance does not comply with the type modifications.: INMSTE0008’…"

  2. Attribute “single\multi value”-“file” - error that I receive:
    “javax.xml.xquery.XQException: INOQJE0032: Error executing the request with error [6355 , INOXQE6355 , Invalid namespace URI specification , Line 3, column 19: dt=”";
    for $ro in collection(“CentraSite”)/dt:Service
    at com.softwareag.xqj.utils.XQExceptionVerifier.newXQException(…"

Please help if you know what could be causing the errors.

Thank you,

Hi Esti,

Could you open a support request with the wrapper.log file from \profiles\CTP\logs.
Also what fix level are you on - in Control go to the about box system tab Control full version and Registry/Repository version.

Hi Gary,

I will open a support request with details below.

Thank you,