ERROR: Analytics Engine Web Service URLs are unspecified for EventService

Hi All,

In MWS portal (version 8.2)System is throwing error when we select any option in Analytical Engine, which is required for BAM configuration.
Same error is appearing in all the tabs under Analytical Engine->KPI.

It looks like some configuration problem, but we are not able to crack it.
Any help will be highly appreciated.

Attached is the error logs and screen shot for the error.

Please help

Development MWS Error.docx (123 KB)


In Bussiness Data view,in the upper right corner you have Server drop-down. Please select in this drop-down BPM and BAM - right now you have selected BPM only. When I select BPM only, i get this error “Web Service Connection Error. Have a System Administrator verify the Analytic Engine settings at Administration -> My webMethods -> System Settings” but when I change selection from BPM only to BPM and BAM, all works - it should works also for you if you have correct configuration in MWS for you environment and Analytic Engine.

If this dosn’t help please check servers status by ‘Check Server Status’ which is avaliable in Applications -> Administration -> My webMethods -> System Settings -> Servers - if some of the servers have red status than check if Analytic engine is running and aslo check your configuraiton for Analytic Engine in Applications -> Administration -> System-Wide -> Environments -> Define Environments.