Entry does not exist in repo

does anybod know this error? I have modified the properties file of the trading Network tn.cm.restart.disable=false. When I triy to restart a conversation I get following error£: Cannot find conversation: 368400438-0a31c080f70df7f1000042df-Invoice Receiver – Entry does not exist in repo
what exactly is meant with repo?

thanks for helping

I guess, this error happens if you have deleted the WmRepository2 files while the conversation with the cid “368400438-0a31c080f70df7f1000042df-Invoice Receiver” was still in Running state.

I have this situation on one of our test servers. Now how do i get rid of this problem?
Any ideas will be highly appreciated.



wmRepository stores all the TN conversations with Cid’s,So we need to do a backup before renaming or deleting repo when ever it reaches maximum size of transactions.Ultimatley you will be loosing corresponding deleted wmRepo having cid’s ,and when you try to run a query in TN with alerting an error message “conversation with cid—does not exist”

I was getting the same error after i deleted the WmRepository2 files and restarted the server. I did not even run any query and i started seeing this error. When i queried the TNProcess table with this conversation id, i saw the TNStatus as Running. So, i guess the CManager was trying to invoke that particular conversation and throws the exception when it is not able to find that repo file. I deleted that record from the TN Database (it was on the test server). I do not see that error any more.