EnterpriseOne8.92 Adapter Notification Error

We have configured an ERP8 Event connection to OneWorld XE SP22_Q1 on Solaris 2.8.
Then configured a Listener and a LIstener Notification.

Howevere when the RTE gets generated by OneWorld-XE, it is not being captured by listener notification and notification being published.

Anybody come across this and resolved it?
Any ideas would help.
– Eric

We have been having the same issues with both Z-events and real-time events.

There is a batch job that needs to run in a subsystem in order for events to published. The job is R00460 (Generic Outbound Interoperability Processing). Without this running, I believe your outbound events just queue up, and will not be delivered.

We resolved this issue:

The trick is, you enable your listener notification FIRST, then you enable your RTE listener.

By doing that, once notification is enabled, when you enable listener, it knows to subscribe to the event specified by the listener notification.