EnterpriseOne BSFN Call from a Flow

We are trying to integrate internal applications using EnterpriseOne adapter. The JDEdwards system (running in ORACLE) should be able to send/receive data to/from other systems (running in SQL server) using EnterpriseOne Adapter.
I would appreciate if anyone please help me describing the steps to call JDEdwards BSFN from a webMethods flow service for Inbound and Outbound integrations or the best way to use EnterpriseOne Adapter.


Hello Ramendu,

Using PeopleSoft EnterpriseOne adapter is definitely not something really easy.
It would be quite long to explain here all the possibilities.
I would suggest that you go to the knowledge garden (ask your EnterpriseOne administrator for an access) to download the documentation of the adapter.
Then, I would be glad to answer any precise question you would have.
Best regards,


We have loaded EnterpriseOne Adapter. When I am trying to write an adapter service it is showing 4 connections: ERP8, EnterpriseOne, ERP8EventConnection and EnterpriseOneEventConnection. If I select any of them it is showing an error. Not sure what are the steps I am missing

If you are using XE or ERP8, use the ERP8 adapter for business function calls and the ERP8EventConnection to listen for events. If you are using 8.9, us the EnterpriseOne for business functions and the EnterpriseOneEventConnection for events.