EnterpriseOne Adapter XML List Function

We have installed and configured the EnterpriseOne 6.1 adapter talking to OneWorld XE SP22_Q1.

When running the XML List function, the adapter service reports a “JDENetTimeoutException” error after waiting for the timeout period to expire. Also on the OW server, the XML Call Object Kernel crashes.

Has anyone seen something similar to this before? Appreciate your help.

Environment: wM 6.1 EnterpriseOne adapter on Solaris 8
OneWorld XE SP22 on Solaris 8

We are on SP23. We experimented with the XML List and while it didn’t crash anything for us, we found it to be so slow that we decided not to use it. We use the JDE adapter for real time events and to call business functions only.

The only thing that the XML list does that you can’t do with JDBC is conversion of numeric type to the proper decimals. However, you can do that with a simple transformer service.

Also, did you notice that webMethods has released a OneWorld 6.2 adapter recently? We haven’t looked at it yet, but it may help you.


Hi Roger,

So are you saying your have an ERP8 connection to OneWorld, as well as a JDBC connection to Oneworld?

I saw the announcement of EnterpriseOne 6.2 adapter but it is currently only available on Windows and we run wM on Solaris.
Thanks for the input.

Yes, it seems easier to simply access the database (oracle in our case) directly in a lot of cases. We maintain a JDBC connection.

I hadn’t read the announcement that closely yet, I didn’t realize they weren’t supporting UNIX yet. We run webMethods, Oracle and OneWorld on IBM RS/6000’s running AIX.


The webMethods PeopleSoft EnterpriseOne Adapter 6.2 is actually supported on the following operating systems, provided the Integration Server version supports them:

Windows 2000 Professional/Server
Windows 2003 Server
Solaris 2.8
HP-UX 11
AIX 5.1, 5.2
Red Hat Linux AS 2.1

-David O.

They have relased UNIx version as well, but we still have the XML list crashing the XML Call list Obj kernel on the XE server.
ANy ideas?