EnterpriseOne Adapter and Transaction Types

After going through the forums, Google, Advantage (where I still could, anyway) and the manuals for the EnterpriseOne and JDBC adapters, I get the idea behind the transaction types, NO_TRANSACTION, LOCAL_TRANSACTION… What I’ve been trying to find out is how the different transaction types work in the context of the EnterpriseOne adapter. It is only used for executing Business Functions on a dedicated Batch Server separated from where UBEs run. The types of BSFNs run the gamut from GetAuditInfo to Master BSFNs for Material Issues and Work Order Completions.

I suspect it has more to do with the underlying JDBj/JDBC database access layer, but having not found any information specific to this I can’t say for certain. Can anyone out there clue me in as to how transaction types work in the EnterpriseOne adapter?

Because I know you’re all dying to know…:smiley:
WmIS and TN 6.1 on Win2K server
(Updates IS_6-0-1_SP1, IS_6-1_{Fix21, FP1, FP2}, TNS_6-1_Fix{2, 9, 10, 13, 15, 20})
PSFT_E1 adapter 6.1 (or 9.22 depending on where you look)
JDE/PSFT/ORCL Enterprise One 8.10 (8.93Q1 Tools)
Oracle DB on HP-UX 11i

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