EnterpriseOne 6.2 Adapter does not reload genJava jars


We are using the EnterpriseOne 6.2 adapter with Fix1 connected to XE/ERP8. We used the genJava scripts to generate jar files for our custom BSFN’s.

Here is the problem:
a) We update the jar files by adding another BSFN and run the genJava script.
b) Disable adapter
c) Upload the new jar files in the genJava directory specified for Adapter Connection.
d) Enable Adapter

Now, the new BSFN should show up in Developer. However it does not.
We have bounced adapter several times, reloaded the PSFT_E1 package etc.

The only way it shows up again is if we bounce IS.

Has anyone seen this and can provide any clues to fix the re-load jars issue?