Enterprise Web Manager install

Hi !!
I have already installed Enterprise Server 5.01, Enterprise Server Tools and Integration Server 4.6 under E:\webMethods
Now I’m trying to install the Enterprise Web Manager 5.01, but the installer shows the following error message:

“The Enterprise Web Manager depends on the Integration
Server, which is not installed under ‘E:\webMethods’.
Please exit the installer and install the Integration
Server, or do not install the Enterprise Web Manager.”

Anyone knows what could be wrong ?

You need to install Integration Server 4.6 before installing Enterprise Web Manager because the latter depends on the former for HTTP requests.

Typically, you install IS4.6 into:


You then need to specify this directory name, right after you log in the Universal Installer. This will place a bunch of code files under:


You finally need to start IS4.6 before you can invoke EWM with: