Enterprise SapRfcClient Adapter (Intelligent)

adapter version 411.

i have a question regarding ‘commit work’ for the sap rfc client intelligent enterprise adapter. any insight would be appreciated.

the question is basically, does the adapter implicitly call the ‘commit work’ bapi after calling the configured bapi? this is important for the following reason.

some of the newer versions of sap bapis do NOT perform a ‘commit work’ within the bapi itself. therefore it requires the bapi caller to explicitly call ‘bapi_transaction_commit’ to do the database commit. an example bapi is ‘bapi_salesorder_createfromdat2’. the function module documentation says so. i also tried it out by executing the fm directly. sure enough, the fm returns all the data, including the sales order number. but the sales order doesn’t exist in the system if i try to look at it through va03.

i just want to find out if i need to call ‘bapi_transaction_commit’ in my integration component after calling ‘bapi_salesorder_createfromdat2’. if so today, it would be a good enhancement for webmethod adapter to handle it behind the scene, probably make it an option for each configured operation for a sap rfc client adapter.

perhaps someone has already figured it out through trial and error. pls share your findings. the same applies to the sap integration adapter as well. thanks.