Enterprise Monitor 452 ent_activation table having reserved word timestamp column MS SQL Server

Server: Enterprise Server 5.0.1
Enterprise TOOL 4.5.2_jp

I am using Integration Monitor connecting to MS SQL Server 2000. I created tables from file “ent_logtable_mssql_create.sql” available in …\etc\adapter\logger45 directory.
I have done all the setup for proper logging.

When i connected IM to database after some transactions, I am getting 00:00:00 in the “Time” column.

After checking in the database i found that in the tables ent_activation & ent_message_log, the column “timestamp” is created as “[timestamp]”.
And may be because of that IM is not able to fetch timestamp column from the database.

Any tips are welcome

What type of logging do you have enabled? If you are logging Errors only, you will not see a time value in IM. I’m not sure which options the time is used for but I know one of the options is “Long Running State”.

Also, even though you can not see a value in the time column in IM, you can still set the time range in the View menu and run a search based on when the data was logged.

If you’re looking for the documentation on IM, check the Enteprise Integrator User’s Guide.

Hope this helps,