Enterprise adapter and 61ADK adapter

Hi all,
If I have custom adapter developed using4.6 enteprise ADK how it will fir into whole picture when I upgrade to 6.1 version. How it will be configured for new adapter instances? or do I need to rewrite it using 6.1 ADK? how diffenent or difficult will be to convert it to 6.1 ADK.


You can connect any 4.6 adapter to a 6.1 broker. I believe the webMethods recommends using the newest v6 ADK, but if I remember correctly the only required change is to modify the package name (and thus recompile). The webMethods 6.1 components can publish and subscribe to documents on the Broker, therefore communicating with the 4.6 adapter. You won’t be able to take advantage of many of the new features of 6.1 without a more involved updgrade, of course.

This is just a brief summary. I suggest you read the webMethods 6.1 documentation on advantage.webMethods.com for more information. The webMethods Integration Platform Installation and Upgrade Guide has a lot of instructions on how to upgrade various components of your system.

Skip thanks for your reply. But I don’t think it is as simple as recompiling and changing package name. Also I have not found this documented anywhere.
I have gone through most of documentation but there is very liitle dicussion regarding this point. How custome adapters developed in old versions will behave in 6.1 environment. I will really appreciate if some body can put more light on this topic


The Installation and Upgrade Guide for 6.0.1 states under the heading Migrate Custom ActiveWorks and webMethods Enterprise Clients (on page 45):

Migrate each of your custom ActiveWorks and webMethodsEnterprise clients as follows:

1 Open the source code for the custom client and update the import statement to point to the webMethods Broker 6.0.1 classes. The import statement is as follows:
import COM.activesw.aweb.client.;
import COM.activesw.api.client.

2 Recompile the source code using the Java compiler you use for the Broker Tools and the Broker Java API.

If there is more to be done, it’s not documented by webMethods in the upgrade guide. If you’re concerned about how your adapter will perform in 6.x, you really need to test it out yourself - each custom adapter is different.