Ensuring IS has started successfully

Is there any way to ensure whether IS has started successfully ?

You can check if the Administrative listener port has been started, which does not meant all packages has loaded ok.

If your IS starts on default port 5555, you should see a message in the log of this kind:

[ISP.0046.0012I] Enabling HTTP Listener on port 5555

Also doing a “netstat -an” should show port 5555 in listening:


You can also have some external utility invoking “ping” service to see if IS is answering, or have a BAM installation monitoring IS status.

All depends what you want to achieve.

Is there any way by which we can check if all the required packages have been loaded successfully ??

you can login into IS Administrator from your web browser and click Managment link under the Packages, from this page you can see packages loaded succesfully (loaded=“Yes”) or not (Loaded = “Partial”) in Package List

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