Enforce Execute ACL - When top-level service only, not worki

Hi There,

I have a requirement to display model details on a web page.

I am invoking flow sevice through browser over http, using url http://system:5555/invoke/zzAR/testMonitorACL

Service testMonitorACL has Execute ACL as an Anonymous, so it is not asking for any user name and password.

From my flow service, I am invoking pub.monitor.process.model:getModelDetails to get details of the model.

Even though pub.monitor.process.model:getModelDetails service has Enforce Execute ACL - When top-level service only setting,
looks like its not respecting it and not returning any value when invoked from browser. I dont see any error in server or error log too.
Atleast I should see access denied error in logs. If I use mozilla and login to IS first and then invoke my service it works file.
Looks like Mozilla to IS connection remembers my credentials, and because I am Administrator it allows me to execute
pub.monitor.process.model:getModelDetails as its Execute ACL is set to MonitorUsers.

If I use pub.monitor.process.model:getModelList service in my service, it works fine and I can get result even if I invoke
from browser. I have to use pub.monitor.process.model:getModelDetails to get description of the model.

Has anyone encountered this problem before??

Is there any workaound or solution to this?

Ajit Rathod