Encryption protocol not supported by webMethods


We need to interface with European government offices, but webMethods does not support this encryption protocol.

The current encryption issues are related to ws-security and CAdES-BES and XAdes-BES issues.

I would like ws-security to be in the attachment, and CAdES-BES and XAdes-BES to come in signXML configuration.

Have a good idea ???

How many people have problems with me, how do you solve them?

Finally, what we want is to support the encryption protocol supported by soapUI in webMethods.

Thank you

KMIe_ROS_VRT_COC_overview.doc (93 KB)

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webMethods v9.7 and v10.3 do not support CAdES-BES.

you may want to contact SAG for a roadmap for such support.
Also, evaluate options like: BouncyCastle

This is currently not yet implemented and I guess it will take awhile before garnering sufficient momentum and requests from customers.

I suggest you seek other alternatives for now. Refer to https://stackoverflow.com/questions/13675583/sign-cades-using-bouncycastle-using-java/14356073#14356073