Encoding not supported error in gateway service

I’m testing Service Pack 1 for TNS 6.1 and a service that was working fine has broken. It’s a gateway service that receives a file from a file polling port, extracts content needed to set the TN_parms variable and then calls wm.tn.doc.ff:routeFlatFile to submit the content and TN_parms to Trading Networks. This produces the following error:

[FFP.0018.0013] Encoding not supported: charset=null

The error persists if I set $contentEncoding in TN_parms, it just changes to ‘charset=UTF-8’ or whatever I set it to.

Everything works OK if I turn off validation in the processing rule that gets invoked when the document reaches TN, but I’d rather not have to do that. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks,


Hi wMUsers,

I am stuck with the same problem with sending flat file to TN.


same error with or without setting encoding:

The validation service used for this document (wm.tn.doc.ff:validate) failed with the following exception message: com.wm.app.tn.err.EXMLException:


[FFP.0018.0013] Encoding not supported: charset=UTF-8.
com.wm.app.b2b.server.ServiceException: [FFP.0018.0013] Encoding not supported: charset=UTF-8.

at pub.flatFileImpl.convertToValues(flatFileImpl.java:487)

SPs and FPs installed:

Thanks in advance for any help,


Are you passing flatfile as stream object in the ff TN routing service?Also you dont need to set contenttype,encoding etc…UTF-8 only supported for XML types and this is the standard encoding used by TN.


Yes, i’m passing data as ffdata stream with wm.tn.doc.ff:routeFlatFile. Error appeared even without setting type and encoding

If so it should work,your steps are straight forward.we do the same for processing flatfiles to TN.

Are there any spl chars in the FF?so TN is not able to handle the contents with right encoding application/wm-xflatfile

what is the error shown in TN/Activitylog when with out type and encoding?

it is plain file, it could be US-ASCII also…

error from Actictylog in this case:
[FFP.0018.0013] Encoding not supported: charset=null.

I have disabled “validate FF” option in TN document and set processing rule to execute service. All steps in activity log for that doc are executing with success. What could I do in processing service to debug further encoding issue?

Thank You for Your assistance,

I guess validate FF option is optional,if your flatfile is in approriate format so no worries about encoding issue.we dont use validate FF option either in our process.


I have just finished project. Everything is working OK unless I set on “Validate structure” option in TN document type options. Moreover I am able to properly validate structure of ff data with pub.flatFile:convertToValues in processing services with or without encoding. But the question “why validating in TN fails” remains. Maybe it is a matter of proper fix.

Thank You for Your quick repsonses and have a very nice weekend :slight_smile:

finished project?

Even i am interested to know about this problem resolution,i checked it just now we do have validation on for FF types in TN,its passing fine.So wondering what could cause this encoding issue.sorry i couldnt helped you much in the debugging.

Anyways our experts will chim some lite on this.


By finished project I mean laboratory scenario with TN (I am new to it) not production :). This week I’ll be doing code review with my mentor so will let know what is the cause.

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