Enabling SSL Connectivity between Integration Server and Universal Messaging

Hello Experts,
Actually I am trying to enable SSL Connectivity between Integration Server and Universal Messaging,in below path I missed server.jks file.
could please suggest me,how could I add server.jks file.
please find attached image.

Hi Ramanjaneyulu,

the error message is quite clear:
The file cannot be read from the mentioned location.

Copy the server.jks to the mentioned location and restart RealmServer.

After that you will be able to change the path if neccessary.


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Hello Experts,

Currently I do not have server.jks file.i.e missed in my installation or anything else.Any one can you please provide the server.jks file.


You can use the CertificateGenerator program in UniversalMessaging\server\umserver\bin to generate the client/server/nirvanacerts jks files (check the docs and the necessary adjustments to the client installations).

I usually use the KeyStore Explorer to create my keys and customize it to my needs (adding CA, setting a different CN, etc.). It also helps to convert jks files to p12 files needed by Windows.

Best Regards,

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Hello Gerardo Lisboa,
Thanks for your suggestion I got the solution for this issue.