enable HTTP logging only for the package

I need to find out where the request is coming from. I have a flow service which accepts xml over http. Sometimes I am receiving empty
xml. I need to know the source (url or ip address or ,…any information) which is posting this.
I know how to enable HTTP (header/request/response) logging in IS (Settings > Logging > Edit). But there are lot of services in production and
this might cause the server log to fill up. So I want to enable HTTP logging only for the package that I am interested in.

Don’t think logging can be restricted for package level however You can use pub.flow:getTransportInfo service in your flow in corresponding packages and save the output “http info” information in debug log …

But I don’t have privilege to touch the code in production. Is there any parameters that can be turned from IS?

IMAO not for package level…