Enable and disable integration component

Could you be able to tell me how to enable and disable
integration component using webMethos API?

Thanks - Keon

Hi, Keon.

I don’t think that is possible, given the v5.0.1 API. If
you are trying to “turn off” a component, maybe you can use
the API to change its client group or subscription
properties instead. This would have the same effect as
disabling the component.

Hope this helps.

Hello Dan,
Thank you very much for your tip. This will work well. May
be except the component invoked by database trigger. [ ]

By the way, the following code doesn’t work properly.

cCRM = new BrokerClient(broker_host, broker_name, null,
client_group_crm, “CRM control”, null);
String DOC_TEST =

String strChk = new String[100];

for (int i=0; i<strChk.length;i++)
if (strChk[i].equals(DOC_TEST))
System.out.println ("Yes exist " + strChk[i].toString());

if (cCRM.canSubscribe(DOC_TEST))

======== output ================================
Yes exist
Invalid Subscription (216-1313): Cannot cancel the requested
subscription because it does not exist.

May be I am using wrong methods. Aren’t I?

Thanks - Keon

I think I used wrong class. I should have used
BrokerAdminClient to disable the subscription set at client
group. However, I still have error as follows.

BrokerAdminClient cCRM = new BrokerAdminClient(broker_host,
broker_name, null, client_group_crm, “CRM control”, null);

======== output ===========
No Permission (109-1382): Operation failed because
permission is denied. This operation requires
administrative permissions.

I don’t know how to acquire the permission. I am using my
local broker for testing.

Regards, Keon