Embedding pictures in Service Desk Knowledgebase Articles

I am investigating switching from using a SharePoint wiki for documenting our usage of AgileApps internally, to using the Service Desk Knowledge Base functionality.

One reason for doing this is some of the individuals we want to have access to the Knowledge Base do not have access to our SharePoint site.

One thing I have run into is trying to insert a graphic into an article. We have a lot of screen captures that are associated with some of our articles. Within SharePoint, these are stored in a SharePoint folder.

With AgileApps, it seems the only option is to have a link to the graphic.

Is there any way to store the document within AgileApps itself, and then have a link reference to it?

Otherwise, it seems I would have to find somewhere to store the graphics that is accessible from anywhere on the Internet.

Just wondering if others have run into this issue and how you have solved it.