Emailing Multiple Attachments

Specifically, is there a way to retain the original document and attaching said document into the email? I have a process where if certain validation fails, it kicks off an attachmentEmail process and I would like to retain re-usability.


before invoking the smtp service create a list of attachments by using pub.list:appendToDocumentList.

Map this list to the attachments list document in the smtp service.


I’ve initialized a document list with attachments and mapped it to the smtp service when called, but I am getting an error saying there is no filename and content in the attachment when I’ve tried mapping/initializing those fields.

Also, is there a way for the smtp service to accept any document type and attach it to the email? For example, lets say I have 2 separate flow services, one processes a .xml file and the other a .txt file. The email service sends out an Exception Document regardless of the extension, but I would also like to attach the original document from either service.