Email select results in tabular format

Hi WM Gurus,

I have a simple requirements: Email select SQL results in tabular format. I am not sure how to that. Currently, I use the following steps to generate an xml data that can mapped into STMP body. The problem is the format is xml format, not tabular format.

Thank you for your help!

  1. run adapter service to get results
  2. loop the result set and map the result to document list using pub.list:appendToDocumentList
  3. map the document list to xml string using pub.xml:documentToXMLString
  4. map the xmldata to email body in pub.client:smtp.

Details are in the attached word document.
WM Email Select Results.docx (75.5 KB)

Hi Franky,

please check the IS Built-In-Services Reference for the Report-Folder.

You might find some helpful services here.

The Syntax of the Template-File follows the syntax in the DSP-And-Templates Development Help.


Hi Holger, thank you so much for your response. Is there any examples that I can follow along to understand how to use those reporting functions?