Email Port and clustering

Hello All,

I am working on webMethods 9.7 and configured email listener from webMethods to email client to receive emails and perform the business logic accordingly. My question is how the email ports will behave in clustered environment.? Does it have idea on clustering part.

My observation and analysis : Our PROD environment contains 4 nodes in a cluster. I have deployed and enabled the email listener on all the nodes of cluster. In clustered environment, I see sometimes weird behavior. Normally and majority of times for each email in an email server, only one node will pick up the email and process it accordingly as per the service. But sometimes I see two nodes picking up the emails. I am observing this scenario 1 out of 500 times. This happens intermittently and no fashion as such. All the cluster settings remains same and behaving well but once in blue moon I see this issue. I cannot ignore it because its causing huge business impact.

I have a straight forward solution to have the email port enabled only in one node and disable in all other nodes. But I need to know is this the good solution.?

I would be happy if I can hear back inputs from the group. Thank you.

Raghavendra TN

email Client Listener should only run on one IS instance for each mailbox.
As you have already observed, it will conflict each other when it’s running on multiple instances.


Is this point still valid? So can’t we run the email port/listener on a cluster(more than one server)?


I think that this should be documented in the IS Administrators Guide under Port Management and/or Cluster management chapters.