email-event property

Hello, I am new to working with the Service Orchestrator. What I am trying to do is validating an xsd-Schema which is accessed through an attachement of an email.

For checking emails I want to use the email-event. The new email will have an XSD-Schema as an attachement, which I want to validate. As far as I know the attachments are the payload of the service orchestrator message. Is that right? Is it possible to set the sequence document payload (the xsd-schema) to xbd.validator.schema of the Validator-Component?
If yes, what property is the attachment of the email going to have in the sequence document.

Can anybody help me.

Thanks in advance

Hi Thomas,

I just came across your forum entry…

Actually, you are right that all attachments are passed on to sequence processing. The answer is I think quite simple but I currently have no way to verify it.

All attachments in a Service Orchestrator message object can be accessed using an internal URL. The URL is of the form cid:

This URL is the value you should be setting to xbd.validator.schema.

Hope this helps some.


It works fine, thanks.