Email Adapter (multiple record) parsing problem

I am facing problem with parsing the email message using email adapter in Enterprise . i am getting a looped structure record format message which i need to parse .
Can i use the email adapter receive operation with the combination of File I/O adapter format operation to define the record type and layout to get the content of the message . please advice .
the message format is
child record

here message contain one or more records which is structure .
and each record contains one or more child reocrd which is again small structure .

please give procedure to process the parsing options.

I tried to write the e-mail contents to disk. Then use the I/O Adapter from there. But What my worry is if i write to disk and use i/o adapter this may leads to performence issue . what i am looking is is there any way to extend the e-mail adapter so that i can provide one more operation template as like stream operation templates in File I/o . please sugggest the way to extend the exsting adapters with additional operational templates .

The other solution which i am thinking is write common operation which takes input as string (which contain the e-mail body) and give output as sequence of records . here i need to simulte the file stream operations as common operations . It would be appreciate if any one done in this fashion .

To look the code of operation template where can i look in the adapter ?

thanks & regards


May I know the basic concept behind the e-mail Adapter?? How does it differ from MSMQ Adapter???