Ehcache of webmethod


I want to use ehcache function of webmethod IS(9.0).There are in built flow services provided by softwareAG.
pub.cache.get,pub.cahce.put etc.

I have 2 question related to this:-

  1. I used put operation and stored a document into cache.when i use get operation, I am getting the stored document correctly but after getting it when i modify any value then it automatically replaces the modified value in cache.Even though i mapped this to another document and previous reference I dropped out.

2.If i enable the option overflow to disk, then how to serialize the Document object before putting into cache?

Please help me…I am new to ehcache.

Doing a ‘get’ will just retrieve the content from cache (be it any cache). There might be some minor mistake in code.
Have you enabled the service cache by any chance?


I have had issues in storing and retrievign data from BigMemory (Off-Headp)…The data was randomly stored and removed …

Tried to work with SAG and Terracotta but couldnot get to a solution.

Bad thing is… there is no built-in service which can give us

  1. what is the free size available in off-heaf or on-heap
  2. what is being stored and removed when there is data overflow