Can someone please iron out what the as2mdnurl is for? In some places it looks like the URL that is to ACCEPT inbound MDNs and others it looks like the URL that will send the partner MDNs.

Example Profile
Partner host xyz.com
AS2MDNURL xyz.com:443/invoke/wm.tn/receive

Partner host xyz.com
AS2MDNURL abc.com:443/invoke/wm.tn/receive


Thank you


The as2mdnurl is the trading partner delivery url for asynchronous MDNs. In the case of an asynchronous MDN the initial http/s connection is cut and therefore Trading Networks needs to know the location (url) of where to send back the MDN. In this situation it looks in the ‘AS2-TO’ partner profile and pulls out the url found in the as2mdnurl field. The example is a bit confusing because you (localhost) are acting as both the sender and the receiver so the url for both partners look identical. A general rule of thumb is it’s pretty safe to assume that any url information contained within a profile is used for delivery purposes.

hope this helps,