EDIINT AS2 MDN in timely Manner?


I am getting a file over AS2 from a vendor, and they have requested MDN-Synchronously.

Its a huge file of about 65mb, and it take more time to send MDN then what they are expecting in. How do we solve this problem. The major time it too as shown below is between 3rd and 4th step.

View Document Activity Log Shows:
Date**************** Type** Class***** Brief Message
2009-01-07 15:54:27.342 Message processing Receive EDIINT Message
2009-01-07 15:54:27.343 Message Processing Routing rule EDIINT Process Message selected
2009-01-07 15:54:54.518 Message General Document persisted
2009-01-07 16:03:29.5 Message processing Message is encrypted signed
2009-01-07 16:03:58.575 Message processing processed
2009-01-07 16:04:03.268 Message Processing Service invoke: wm.EDIINT.rules:processMsg
2009-01-07 16:04:03.283 Message General Status changed
2009-01-07 16:04:03.293 Message General Processing complete
2009-01-07 16:04:36.368 Message General Status changed
2009-01-07 16:04:36.372 Message processing Process payload
2009-01-07 16:04:36.377 Message processing Invoke User Process Payload Service

And the MDN was send out at: Date2009-01-07 16:03:58.834

Vendor is expecting MDN in 2 mins for a synchronous call.

Any suggestion is appreciated.

What’s the load on your server that receives the document, how much memory is available to the IS/TN, do you have large document handling configured, can you receive large documents via HTTP outside of AS2?

We do get large documents, and yes we do process is successfully. The problem is it takes time to process, especially between the 3rd and 4th step mentioned below, which delays the MDN Sending, and creates problem on the vendor side.

This is the first client we are implementing so the load is much less, and it goes through load balance.


If this is a certain vendor located in Arkansas, you can talk to them and they may switch you to asynchronous MDN’s.