EDI TN No Transaction Analysis

I have a trading partner that is sending 850s and 870s.

  1. The 850s process and show up in TN when polled as 85053345.PO
  2. The 870s go to the Error Directory with no entry into TN.
  3. I have them processing at the group level of PO and RS.
  4. There are two file pollers one is polling a *.PO the other *.RS
  5. If I change the extension of the 870 file to PO it will pick it up and process it as an 870.

Any idea why it would refuse to poll the RS extension.

Check your error logs for exceptions thrown by the service invoked by the file polling port. Presumably, something there is throwing the exception.

When I look at the log it says Port Access Denied. This is confusing.

This is set up exactly the same as the “PO” port.
The ONLY difference is the File Name Filter *.RS

IP Access is set to Allow by Default

Any ideas on what I am missing

What are the Access Mode settings? The default is Deny by Default and a limited Allow List.

I have it set as

IP Access is set to Allow by Default.

What are the Access Mode settings? The Access Mode is different from IP Access. The access mode settings can restrict which services are accessible, even if an IP is allowed to get to the server.

add your service to the access mode and set it to allow by default.