eChem Module, CIDX, RNIF 1.1 and Elemica

Hi Guys,

Im new to all this WM stuff and having problems with the eChem adapter 7.1 and RNIF 1.1 envelope. I have successfully mapped an IDOC to a CIDX XML message an now need to produce a Rosettenet 1.1 wrapper around it and transfer it via HTTP to Elemica. For the life of me I cant see where in produce a RNIF 1.1 wrapper around the CIDX message. We do not have the Rosettanet adapter but I am told by Software AG that we only need the CIDX eChem module. Please is there anyone out there who send CIDX messages to the ELEMICA VAN using CIDX and RNIF 1.1 headers. Thanks in advance

Hi Ismail,

This is done by the pub.estd.chem:processDocument service, when the CIDX document is submitted. The HTTP connection should be set up in the Elimica Trading Partner profile. As the CIDX XML doc is processed, Trading Networks will add the envelope and then submit it as per your Trading Partner / Message Processing rule configuration.



Yes you need only CIDX eChem module (Adapter) installed and using the pub.estd.chem related services/TN configuration routes the CIDX documents to external partners (Elemica in your case)

Pls review the 7-1_Chem_eStandards_Module_Install_and_Usersguide for more information.