I have some difficulty to undersand what ECBS is:

I caught this definition in Internet: Posted-ECBs is the count of commands in the threads plus those yet to be selected.
Then, I understand that they are commands to be processed by ADABAS.

Other person said to me that ECBS are the quantity of commands that ADABAS has already processed but the application didn’t come to take.

I have noticed that in CLOG’s ECBS is just one byte and when this value is higher that 255, for example 257, in the logs the value is 1 (trunced value). I believe that in this case if the value is higher than 255, then the value should be 255(the top) in the clogs.

Could you please explain what ECBS is?
I am doing statistics about performance in the databases and I think that ECBS is good measure to avaliate this.

Thanks by the attencion.