How to compute the ADABAS buffer efficiency

Hi all,
I need assistance to corretly determine the buffer efficiency (BE) of my current ADARUN session. Please see following snapshot from SYSAOS:

                  Physical            ---------- Call Distribution ----------
            Reads          Writes     Remote Logical .............          0
          -------------------------   Remote Physical ............   19407220
ASSO       778923228      163152797   Local  Logical .............          0
DATA      1176890892       24803150   Local  Physical ............  781628077
WORK          716809      145485735   ADASTAR own ................          0
PLOG                       92768560   ADASTAR other ..............          0
Logical Reads ........    664271670   Logical Reads (binary) .....   2797FB36
Buffer Efficiency ....          0.0   No. of HQEs active .........          8
                                      No. of UQEs in User Queue ..        122

Of course, my BE is not 0.0, this may be related to the old release numbers of either SYSAOS or ADABAS :wink:
However, it is possible to correctly compute the BE using the above numbers. But how is the exact formula?

b.t.w. the LBP-parm for that session is at 30 MB!

Thanks in advance,
Ralf Geritz

If AOS doesn’t give you the correct numbers, issue a DSTAT operator command against your database and it’ll give you something like:

ADAN17 01196 2006-09-27 14:21:51 Read I/Os A=94,D=4,W=3
ADAN17 01196 2006-09-27 14:21:51 Write I/O A=17,D=5,W=22
ADAN17 01196 2006-09-27 14:21:51 Nr. of commands=818,Buffer efficiency=1052.1
ADAN17 01196 2006-09-27 14:21:51 Nr. of Fmt-Tran.=13,Nr. of Fmt-Ovwr.=0
ADAN17 01196 2006-09-27 14:21:51 Thread001=818 commands
ADAN41 01196 2006-09-27 14:21:51 Function completed

Hi Wolfgang,
thx for the quick response. After issuing a DSTAT operator command, I realized, that the buffer efficiency is really at 0 (ZERO)!! So SYSAOS gave me the correct numbers :wink:
What are the experiences in other companies regarding a low BE? I think this is not common for a production environment. Please remember also, the associated LBP parameter is at 30M!
What are your recommendations for increasing the LBP parameter, is there anything to consider since the host-OS is BS2000 and the release levels are rather old (see SIG).
Any comments are welcome!

Thanks, Ralf

Please check if you have fixes AN22161 and AN22221 applied.

They talk about incorrect B.E. calculation with a high number of commands (which you have).