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I am looking for sample code to invoke “invokeSblBusService” . I am trying to test this service from “Test invokeSblBusService” by passing the parameters. But I am getting an error “CoreServices.invokeBusService - Null or empty login data was retrieved”. Appreciate your help.


From the error “CoreServices.invokeBusService - Null or empty login data was retrieved” it looks like you are using the adapter and trying to use the “invokeSblBusService” flow service which is part of the IS Siebel adapter 3.0 package.

If that is correct then the problem you are having is not with transports, it is with the adapter.

The meaning of the error is that the you have not specified a Siebel Alias which the flow service “invokeSblBusService” is supposed to use to invoke a Siebel Business service on the Siebel server.

You would first have to define a valid alias to the Siebel Server and then provide the name of that alias to the flow service “invokeSblBusService” at run time.

Hope this helps.

  • Narendra .K Pasuparthy

The input to this service is a property set (name value pairs)
so in the Input Names field, you enter

  • RequestXML
  • ProcessName
    in the input values fiels, you enter
  • $xmldata (this is xml string you are passing)
  • WorkFlow name (name of Siebel Workflow or BusinessService)

Hope this helps.