Dynamically fetch web Service connection details

Hello -
Our current integration with Oracle Siebel has web service (SOAP/HTTPS) based data communication , where we are using WS-Security handler with consumer WS descriptor. The purpose of this handler is to pass the username/password in custom SOAP header at runtime.

End system(Siebel) has multiple environments(like Dev, SIT, UAT etc.) and WM needs to switch the web service connectivity over times to point to different env . Can we use web Service alias here to dynamically fetch user/pass and WS endpoint URL information? If not, then what are possible alternatives?



Yes, definitely you can use Aliases in webServices and you can give a try and let us know the results.


In addition to this you can also fetch details (dev, test, sit, uat etc) from properties files too… but going for webservice alias should be a good option… Let me know what suits best for your requiement :slight_smile:

Using Endpoints are always is the best option to go with for dealing WS* from various env’s



Can you kindly chime in some light when should we got for End Point URL and Alias’es ?