Dynamically Evaluate WM Business Rules in Process

Hi All,
So currently I work for a company who only has a license to use the WM Business rules in the context of a business process, meaning I cannot use the WmBusinessRules IS package/services. I have a requirement to loop over specific tasks from specific business processes and increment the priority over night based upon a WM decision table. The easiest way would be to create a flow service that loops over each process and evaluates the business rule, however due to the licensing, we are unable to do so. Does anyone have any ideas on how to approach this? Maybe create a business process called ‘update’ which loops over the active processes and evaluates the rule for each?I dislike this approach because we are essentially going to have one additional process for each process/business rule we want to evaluate, so as we implement more business processes we are going to have to create more ‘update’ processes just to evaluate rules. I could also create my own implementation using services or java but then what is the point of using the WM implementation? Any help/thoughts would be appreciated.