Dynamically display values in a Dropdown on Portal

Hi Everyone,

I am working on creating a Portal 7.1.2 screen for our client which has two drop downs (with values hard coded); the DB is queried on the basis of values selected in the two drop downs and results is displayed on the screen in the form of a table.

I’ve success implemented that part.

Now the requirement is that in the drop down, instead of displaying hard coded values, dynamically fetched values from a table in DB and should be displayed.
I created a simple select adapter in developer getting DISTINCT values of one column of the table but I am not able to pass the values of the Document list to drop down… :confused:

Its a bit urgent … Please guide me …
Thanks in advance



Why don’t you create the query in the portal page itself. If you are not using dsp pages, then you can definitely create the query and fetch the results in the drop down from the portal itself.


you just need to bind the results of the managed bean (fetching values from the db) to the value of the dropdown.
I tried this and this works…