Dynamically Add SelectableListTableContentProvider

Hello all! I have been trying to figure out how to dynamically add SelectableListTableContentProvider’s for a few days now and I am coming up absolutely blank. I have a webservice on the IS that is called and returns a Document Reference List which holds user name, company, actual name. My goal here is to iterate through the list using java and whenever there is a difference in company it will add a new async table. I am able to iterate through this list using Java and create new separate lists. But here is where I am stuck. I create a new Async table, set the sourceList to my newly created List, and add it to the children of my form and refresh the form. But it will not render!!! I am writing to the server log( before and after I add the table) the child count and it does indicate that there is a new table but for whatever reason it will not appear. Does anyone have any ideas on how I could go about doing this, or if anyone has ever had a similar need? Any and all input is welcome, thanks!!!

*sigh :frowning: I miss wmusers.com