dynamic SQL issue for SQL server 2012

Is any one facing the similar issue??

We are getting below error for all dynamic sql adapter service (SQL Server only).
I’m not sure if it is an issue with sql jdbc driver (or) do we need to set additional connection properties to resolve this issue.

ERROR :: color=darkred The index 1 is out of range."The index 1 is out of range[/color].

If any one came across similar issue, could you please share your experience.

dyanamicSQL_ERROR.docx (139 KB)

Remove the mentioned input field SQL under your SQL. This should work.

But you need an input field to pass the query.

In the SQL statement if a variable name is provided by a “$” sign for example ${SQL} then it need not be provided in the “Input Field” type.

Just try this and refresh your designer session. You will see the input SQL


It is working, Thank you very much!

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Ok Pradeep :slight_smile: