Dynamic mapping in enterprise server

The problem im facing is as follows

I have a canonical coming in from Integration Server which i am mapping into an oracle stored proc.This is being fed into an Integration component as the part of an input join with condition="OR.There are certain fields in that canonical doc that are of type multi-dimensional struct which need to be mapped into certain different stored proc inputs based on their value.Thus, i cannot physically map them in the Enterprise GUI but this needs to be decided at run time.I played around with the java code and saw that there is a static class to which data is written to whenever a physical mapping is done.Also, there is a problem when one adds code to dynamically map data at run-time.The tool gets rid of the code that i write into the static class to affect the definition of the fields that im trying to use.I’d appreciate any suggestions or workarounds ASAP.Thanks


The Struct is represented by a a static class and hence you need to instantiate the class before any mapping is done. In struct, each element needs to be instantiated, otherwise it throws a null pointer exception. You can map the incoming data through a custom step. You may need to place the custom step within a loop step. If I remember correctly, the fields you are mapping in your custom step will be automatically added as variables in the static class. If you directly add the fields in the static class it may be removed when you click on the build button. Hope this helps.