dynamic-joins performance

our Tamino-Version is with fixes installed up to version!

I use two doctypes, partner and policy and want to join them using a customer_id (xs:long).

my query looks like this:
for $a in input()/Policy, $b in input()/Partner
where $b/address/name=“testname”
and $b/address/firstname=“hugo”
and $a/info/customer_id=$b/customer_id

{ $a/policy_nr }
{ $b/address/name }
{ $b/address/firstname }

there are standard-indizes for
- Policy/policy_nr
- Policy/info/customer_id
- Partner/customer_id
- Partner/address/name
- Partner/address/firstname

If i start this query I get a timeout after a few minutes.
(there are about 10.000 documents in each doctype).

If I only query Partner for name and firstname, the result returns very fast.
If I join Policy and Partner and select only for firstname or name (one of them), it is also very fast…

Has anybody an idea, how to modify the query to get fast response when select for name AND firstname??

Thanks in advance!

Hello Gerald,

I don’t have any terribly helpful advice I’m afraid!

What I can tell you is that there is now a newer fix available for Tamino 4.1.1 - fix 10 (released June 6th).
Although there isn’t anything in the list of resolved issues that seems to apply to your problem, perhaps it is worthwhile installing it anyway.

The only other suggestion I have is that you try Tamino, as changing to this [newer] version has solved some of the more mysterious problems we have seen on the Forums.