Dyanamic Joins in Tamino 4.1


Does Tamino support the ability to create dynamic joins?

I have a prospect that is interested in having data retrieved from Tamino from 2 different Doctypes in the same Collection, but only access the 2nd Doctype depending on the user query.

I know that you can manually create the joins using the Tamino Schema editor, but how can this be created dynamically?



Brian Garner
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With Tamino 4.1, you can use XQuery to do the joins. Example: Returns all books for which a review exists, with all authors, title and the review text:
for $b in input()/bib/book, $a in input()/reviews/entry
where $b/title = $a/title
return { $b/author } { $b/title } { $a/review }

So, just build the query statement dynamically and you are good to go.