Durable Subscribers - Duplication issue

hi all,

I have tried searching in the forum but could not find the issue. I would like to understand and know if some one has faced similar issues.

I have a topic created with connectionname ‘A’ . Later i realised that connectionname is wrong and i changed it to ‘B’. when i deployed after cleaning the topic from JNDI(enterprise manager), i see 2 named objects got created. one with old connection alias and other with new conenction alias.

I have tried doing another scenario as like : removed the named objects and deleted the jms trigger completely. New JMS trigger created for this topic and with new durable subscriber name as well. After cleaning up the jndi and deployed the package, i see now 3 different named objects got created for this same topic . 1. from the new jms trigger and new durable subscribers, 2 from the old scenario.

I have also tried removing the complete package and treid redeploying it after removing the package from salvage/archive. But still same issue exists.

Um version where i have this issue : 9.12 (i know its out of support but one of our application has plans for migration and still has 9.12)

does any one experienced such kind of issues ? if yes how you dealt with this.

Thanks in advance for your comments/advise.


Hi Kiran,

I’ve not seen a similar issue before. UM would not recreate anything on its own so I’m guessing the assets are being recreated upon redeployment of your package.

These are IS connection aliases and triggers, right?
How are you doing the deployment? Is it using deployer, or just updating your IS package and re-anabling the connection alias and the triggers?


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Hi Stefan,

Thank you for the reply.

We are deploying with Jenkins.and before deploying i have completely removed my package.

Observation from me : i have removed the package and restarted IS. when i redeploy after server restart , its not creating the duplicate named objects. Is it really needed to restart servers ?