Duplication while using GXS Notification

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As a part of our Enterprise integration solution, GXS Adapters.

We are constantly monitoring a GXS Mail box using GXS notification.

The documents are picked up correctly and published to the IS Service correctly for most of the documents placed in the GXS mail box.

But we could see that, at certain times the Duplicate instances of the same document in our monitoring tool.

We searched in the code which does the processing of these documents.

It is as follows:

1. A GXS notification coninously monitors a mail box and when ever the file is placed in the mail box, notification picks it up and the file is mase available in the “content” field of the publishable notification document as bytes.

2. The content bytes are converted in to a string then parsed on to a record and sent to the destination.

Please note that no duplication check is being performed on the incoming documents.

Currently we are investigating this issue and anyone could help us on this?
We are currently using Webmethods6.5.

Do we need to remove the notification and replace with scheduler?
Or is there any work around on this?

We checked with the person responsible for maintaining the GXS mail box. But the response from him was that he had placed the file only once.

It is occurring occasionally for some documents and the duplicates are occurring within a time difference of 5 secs.

Please do extend your valuable help on this topic too.

Thanks for your prompt feedback.