Duplication of debug log message

Hi…Happy New Year to all…I have created an interface between webmethods and oracle 10g using JDBC adapter. I am trying to use Insert Notification and try to update data and in the same flow service i have invoke debug log for the confirmation of update but when I insert a data it will send a message to integration server log continously one after another…It will be helpful for me if you suggest me something,


Is that an infinite loop? Check the ServiceUsage page for the number of times the service ran, before and after a single insert.

no there is no infinite loop but i think that i am publishing a document to the broker when notification is triggered and there might be some problem in broker…is that possible???

Thanks for the reply

Did you check the service usage page? Does the service count increase?
Are you inserting back into the same table, on which you have a insert notification?

Ya its increasing…does that mean its in infinite loop?? but i havent put it in that mode,and no i am not inserting in same table,its a different one …


Yes. If you inserted 1 record and the service keeps running multiple times, most probably something is wrong.

I am unsure what’s going on. But, i would recommend recreating it, to make sure you didn’t do anything wrong. If it’s recurring, you should contact Webmethods Tech Support.

thanks sekay…i forwarded this to my administrator