Duplicate Names

Hi Steve;

Just discovered the “newest member” is “Steve”.

Which of course is also my Forum name.

Is there not some sort of check to prevent this?


P.S. Great name though.

Hi Steve,

We currently only check that the user name (logon name) and e-mail are unique;


P.S. I agree, great name.

I think that the names should absolutely be unique. You don’t see the e-mail address in the posts anyway, so the users cannot identify which of two or more users with the same name has actually posted a post.

There would be less of a problem if users followed Forum rules.

I don’t understand why users hide behind aliases. I like to know who’s on the other side of a conversation.

Hi Ralph;


Steve Robinson

Oh, THAT Steve. :smiley:

Ralph, didn’t you know that? At least from his postings I identified him as the teacher SLR
(For those of the audience who don’t know SLR: see http://listserv.uark.edu/archives/sag-l.html, another discussion mailing list about Software AG products)