DTD Import and Reference Documents

Hi All,

If I import a very complex DTD. webMethods creates lot of reference document on the Integration server location. Is there a way to create the IS Document from Complex DTD, without having those referencing documents?

Please help if you can.

Muhammad Bilal Siddiqui

Ok Bilal first of all let me understand what you are trying to ask…Are you talking about creating a Document Type in IS through complex DTD or creating an File(XML) through the DTD …

The doc type reflects the definitions in the DTD. Basically if the DTD has references to subtypes, IS will do the same when creating the IS doc type.

Hi Reamon,

I’m trying to create a document type from dtd. But it is giving me this error. Can you please tell whats this error is?

com.wm.lang.xml.WMDocumentException: com.wm.util.LocalizedCharConversionException: [ISC.0042.9201] Incorrect character encoding (char=§; offset=7777)

Thanks in advance,

Do you have any multi lingual character in your DTD? What encoding specified in your DTD file? Try providing correct encoding in your DTD and import.


Yes…There is some special character in the XSD. which i removed it and its working.