DSP to Upload the xml files


I have a requirement where i need to use the dsp pages to upload the files on to IS. files are of xml type. I was using hte code like below on DSP page.

   <td><input type="submit" value="Submit" name="Submit" size=10></td>

now when i see the data the invoked service is receiving, all i see is datafile string variable with the full path name for the file i selected on local system. i was expecting some stream object or node object will be available for my service to use but i dont see it coming in . if the stream variable coming in has some specific name, do you guys know it. Please let me know.

after further digging into this, i thought of another method and i changed the enctype in the form tag to mulitpart/form-data but i am getting the following error " XMLCoder decode invalid data type: com.wm.app.b2b.server.BoundedInputStream".

when i digged more into it, it looks like i need to use the content handler package. But i searched on wmusers and advantage and all i see is EXCEL content handler pacakge in shareware of wmusers.

Thanks in advance. Please share your thoughts if possible.


File To Upload

You need to set ContentType to “text/xml”. Not enctype.
Then the xml content handler will pick up the data and produce an xml node in the pipeline.


Hi Philip,

Can you tell what will be the name of the xml node variable in the pipeline. I tried with ‘node’ but didnt work.

Shiva Juluru

You may find this post and this sample helpful.