DSP problem

I’m trying to create a DSP page from a record. The record consists of all string data types, except for one which is a string list. My problem:
I want to list all of the key names and values for the entire record, EXCEPT for the string list. If I use:
%loop -struct Record%
%value $key%—%value%
I get all the values, including the first entry in the stringList.

However, if I try to block printing of the stringList and use:
%loop -struct Record%
%ifvar $key equals(‘stringList’)%
%value $key%—%value%

nothing comes out! Please Help!

Has anyone found solution to this problem? I also got this problem and when I searched this forum for any solution to this, I found this very question and no answer yet to that.

Please respond.



You will want to mention ALL of the record keys by NAME and then loop through each record. Make sure you do not list the stringList key/value pair.

You’ll want to be explicit. Even though it will take more time to write the dsp, you will have more control.

Hope this helps.



when i referred the guide ,it was mentioned to use #$key when you are referring a record which within another record.
I guess it will also hold true here.
mean while i 'll also try and let u know if i succeed.


Ray, Thanks for the response… but I can’t be explicit because I don’t know the field name. I want to loop through each field of the record and don’t want to display a field if its name matches with certain name I choose.

Thanks again.

If you look through the documentation, you will find a reference to:

%ifvar equals(‘something here’)%

You will have to trap for each instance. My recommendation at this point is to use an intermediate flow to sort out the data into a record that you can use to loop in the dsp.

DSPs are very limited (my opinion); if you go through WmRoot/pub directory, you’ll find nothing but DSPs. The entire admin web console for Integration Server deploys DSPs, so take a look at what the WM gurus did to display data to get some ideas as well.

Or, wait until 6.0+ is released so you can go wild with JSPs.


My point is (and in fact NAB’s point also who started this thread) that

%value% is getting the value if it is outside of ifvar block and it is not when it is inside the ifvar block.

Please try it yourself and see.

Thanks again.

I think I finally understand what you want… the easiest way to do this is to create another flow that calls the flow you have now. Take the output and map it to a record that does not contain the stringlist as an object (dropping the stringlist). Then, in the dsp, invoke the new flow using the logic as you outlined in your first thread listing.

How does one declare a variable in dsp’s? I need to loop through a record list and populate a <select> structure. Based on what the user selects from the dropdown I need to populate another field. Thus I want to assign a value to a variable inside the loop and use that variable outside of the loop. Any help?