Dsp page

Hi All,

I have a dsp page in which i am calling a service to populate one drop down and
after selecting value from the 1st drop-down i want to pass the value to the 2nd and 3rd drop-down which is internally invoking some service.

please help as i am unable to do so and also let me know if i am following a correct coding standard.

—script START–

—script END—


PackageList ServicesList TriggerList
	%invoke Revue.services:getPackages%
	<select id ='packageName' name='package' onChange='onPackageNameChange()'>
	%loop packages%
	%ifvar name matches('Wm*')%
	<option id='%value name%' name='%value name%'>%value name%</option>
	%end invoke%


	<td><!-- <input type="hidden" name="package" id="packages" /> --></td>
<!-- services list -->
%invoke Revue.services:getServices%
	<select id ='ServiceName' name='ServiceName' >
	%loop services%
	<option id='%value services%' name='%value services%'>%value services%</option>
	%end invoke%
<!-- Triggers list -->
%invoke Revue.services:getTriggers%
	<select id ='TriggerName' name='TriggerName' >
	%loop trigger%
	<option id='%value trigger%' name='%value trigger%'>%value trigger%</option>
	%end invoke%
------------HTML END-----

I don’t think you can refresh the content of the DSP page after the selection.

you may need to create another DSP, so you will call it after the selection and refreshed the whole page with the 2nd and 3rd dropdowns.